Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hasta la vista IBM - for good!!!

Finally, after waiting for 40,176,000 seconds or 669,600 minutes or 11,160 hours the day arrived when i joyfully put in my papers at a firm which Quote I thought Unquote was distinguised by its prominence in every field of expertise. However, it turned bad to worse when I actually committed my self to join such a place way back in Feb 2007. Many of you might think, that such a disappointment would have arisen due to very high expectations at the time of joining the firm. Infact such a reason would be deleterious to ones thought process. Initially when things started to go awry, I was perturbed, thinking that it might have been a wrongdoing from my side, since I did have an iota of doubt about the company policies pertaining to various day to day activities. But, it struck me when I saw that happening over and over again to different people for the same issues across all levels of hierarchy. This was not because of something that people at various levels in the company missed, but to my understanding, it was/is because of the fundamental flaw in mostly all of their policies. Companies across the globe formulate policies based on umpteen factors, but they never lose sight of their EMPLOYEES, which, however is not the case with this esteemed organization and especially Global Business Services. In other words, to put it really bluntly, IBM IS NOT AN EMPLOYEE FRIENDLY ORGANIZATION...
The only reason I see that they are surviving in this market, especially NCR region, is because of the fact that no major, true consulting/services firm have actually started their business in NCR region. Non IT people still think of IBM as a name to be reckoned with in India, but I'm not sure about their fallacy. One can easily classify the kind of people who do stick around in IBM(GBS)...
1. People who are well aware of their market value and where they stand, hence HAVE no other option than to continue in such a place, or,
2. People who have decided to move to Delhi/Gurgaon and THINK that they have joined the best of the worst in NCR.
Its amazing to see that, on an average, there are atleast 3 resignations (99% voluntary) in a month in this firm in Oracle/PS capability alone. That itself speaks volumes about the leadership.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An Interview with Oracle

I had this wonderful oppurtunity to appear for an interview with Oracle. The first 2 rounds went smooth and I was also satisfied. Then came the 3rd round with the Director, unheard of. The so called nincompoop Director started of with questions on PS Integration Broker of which he knew nothing. To my amazement he did not know what a Transaction/Routing mean in PS. After trying to make use of his little Bird Brain to understand Integration Broker, he then moved on to other functional aspects of FSCM. That's when, as per him he struck gold by asking "Is FMS and SCM on the same DB". Only a fool of his (Director) calibre will have a myopic thought process to ask such a question. No joy, I gave the answer,he felt frustrated. Now comes the best part of the entire conversation, not to mention his unworthy and unprofessional SLANG language being used during a Telephonic interview with the Company name at stake. The golden question put across was "Why has PeopleSoft desinged ePro". After giving him all possible reasons/explanations which i thought were relevant in the context, he decides to break the silence by giving the answer of the millenium - "To reduce Cost...". Well if that is the thought process of such a person, then i feel more than sorry for the plight of the people either working or reporting to him. Well in the end, i did put across a Stinker to the recruitment head right after the call, and since I haven't received any sort of response, I'm sure he did get it in the neck, and this goes on to show the unprofessionalism displayed by the recruitment head for PeopleSoft at Oracle. To know more about the nincompoop director being referred above, please check the link -

Monday, June 23, 2008

IBM GBS & PeopleSoft Capability

A wise man once said...
I would rather work for the Govt. (Indian/State) than for IBM GBS...That would be me...!!!
Less said the better, but what the @#@#, lets talk about it...
The world renowned so called PS Solutioning team led by the critically acclaimed dynamic, dubios, nincompoop DOGALA has always and will face challenges when it comes to SOLUTIONING for clients...The sole purpose of the illustrious team since its inception has been to provide comprehensive/best of the breed/innovative solutions for PS for its long running list of clientele. This however, has never fructified for the firm due to obvious reasons.
Solutioning, be it for any field, requires people competent enough to gauge & understand the requirements and provide a comprehensive blue print to achieve it.
1. The extent of Red-Tapism being followed judiciously is simply outstanding.
2. The people comprising the Solutioning Team are not only nincompoops but ignorant to technological changes in their so called area of expertise which sadly is PeopleSoft. Though the Software has been designed by people who have been and are an epitome in their work, but sadly its currently being handled by the worst of the lot in the Indian Software Consulting Industry.
3. Incoherent leadership skills by Band 9 and 10.
To Top all this, A company which owns the industry-leading UNIX operating system - AIX, Cost effective database platforms for ondemand applications - DB2 and award winning middleware for commercial messaging and queuing - MQSeries DOES NOT HAVE an in house setup of PeopleSoft using either the OS, DB2 or middleware.

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